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Projektergebnisse 2019


International, national and local response for refugees in the host communities

"Participation of Unaccompanied and Separated Children in the Best Interests Procedure in Jordan" - Inhintza Doyle Robles

Präsentation von Ihintza Doyle Robles (FHWS)

Paper von Ihintza Doyle Robles (FHWS)

"Challenges Facing NGOs in Facilitating Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Syrians in Jordan; Case  Study on Jordan River Foundation (JRF) Livelihood Programs" - Enas Alkhatib

Paper von Enas Alkhatib (GJU)


Community development and conflict transformation to foster social cohesion

"Life of Young Syrian Refugees in Umm el-Jimal: Reducing inequalities and promoting peaceful and inclusive society" - Heba Sarhan

Präsentation von Heba Sarhan (GJU)

Paper von Heba Sarhan (GJU)


Agency of refugees in host communities

"The Role of Refugees as Active Subjects. Insights into the Sudanese Community of Amman." - Elisa Bugatti

Präsentation von Elisa Bugatti (FHWS)

Paper von Elisa Bugatti (FHWS)

"The Cooperative work that contributes to decreasing the aggressive behavior for teenage in Syrian refugee children" - Nora Kabboul

Paper von Nora Kabboul (LU)